Toado is a simple interactive task and project manager for the command line built in rust.

Toado help message

Toado is my first complete project built in rust and acted as a way for me to learn more about the language and it’s workflow. This was also my first time building a command line app and it taught me a lot about the thought and considerations that go into designing one.

Toado add task

My goals were to create a simple but robust app with a workflow similar to that of other command line tools.

Toado list tasks


Some off the note worthy features I implemented were as follows:

  • CRUD commands for tasks and projects
  • A list command for listing tasks and projects
  • Ability to configure command behaviour with flags
  • Ability to assign tasks to projects
  • A configuration file to customize the look and behavior of the app

Toado is still a work in progress so some of these features are incomplete and more features are planned to be added in the future.

You can learn more about Toado at

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